How You Can Profit from $75 Billion in Dead TV Advertising

What will replace TV commercials?

If everyone has a DVR
And more people are switching to Netflix amazon video Hulu Hbo go Etc

Where will those $75 billion a year in tv ads go?

Some will stay with tv as not everyone has a DVR or will switch away from cable

But we predict that a large percentage of those advertisers are going to switch to….

In Podcast ads

That’s ads ready by the show host during the show

Over 1 billion people are listening to podcasts now, and that number is projected to triple to 3 billion by 2020

Why? Apple car play.
Your next new car will come pre bundled with apples podcast app in your dashboard. So whether you are a PC or a MAC person, whether you want it or not, you will have an Icar.
In podcast ads are the future of advertising
You can’t DVR the ads
And it’s really hard to skip ahead just a minute or two so nobody tries
They are usually multi tasking anyway

Micro targeting – whatever your niche is,
Chances are there is a podcast for it. Niches that wouldn’t support a television show, or network – can support many podcasts

There are podcast reaching every market you can imagine and some you would never think of:

Tax lien investing
Golf and business
Banking executives
Trading systems
Event planning

So do some research, find a podcast reaching your audience and get in on the ground floor!

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