Lessons Learned from Traffic & Conversion 2016

Optimize for the relationship

Branding – anything that makes a deposit into a prospects or customers relational equity account

Selling – anything that makes a withdrawal

Nothing wrong with making a withdraw if funds are available

1. Make them laugh
2. Make them cry
3. Make them feel a part of something
4. Deliver actual value in advance

Rules for email marketing:

1. You is the best word ever
2. live above the fold
3. 7 always beats seven
4. 16 point font gets more readers serif
5. Sell the click not the widget
6. Lots of ways to click
7. Blue
8. 50 numbers and letters max
9. Test something in every mail
10. 3 calls to action (Above the fold, middle of the email, in the ps).

What else do your people buy when they aren’t buying your stuff?