“Greene is one of the top advisors in the country with an ever-growing practice.”

Best Selling Author Maribeth Kuzmeski

-Maribeth Kuzmeski, Author of “…And The Clients Went Wild! How Savvy Professionals Win All the Business They Want.” and The Connectors: How the World’s Most Successful Businesspeople Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life.

And The Clients Went Wild....Featuring Seth Greene

The Connectors....Featuring Seth Greene
I decided that I wanted to meet with Seth for only one reason: quantify how well I am doing on the internet – can it be measured and what am I missing?.I had nothing to lose – the report was free and in my mind was probably only going to shed a little light (after all it was free – Seth was going to hold back the real meat).


I was not expecting what I received.

I thought yes of course Seth was going to say I was doing only “fair” otherwise he would not have business so I am probably still not as bad off as this states.


But to my biggest surprise that is not where the report left me (with a “fair” rating) it gave me in great detail my missing pieces on how to improve my rating from “fair” to dominate.


At that point two choices – do I do the work or do I hire Seth. Me being me I thought I would test Seth further. Was I really missing all those pieces?

I went back to investigate – I went through the report with a fine comb investigated and yes those pieces that the report identified were missing – I had huge holes in my internet presence!!!


So I started to do the work to fill in the holes and it worked!

Within four weeks I have moved my rankings within google in one of my largest markets from 10th to 3rd!!!


He has shown me that the internet world is so much larger then adding fresh content and pictures to a website. Prospects are all over the internet in 100 or more channels.


I plan on using Seth to help me navigate through all the channels to ensure that I am at the right place using all the right channels every day.


This is not the ending by the way to my journey with Seth…he is still the guy with the card “double your sales in a year” I met him 11/3/11 can’t wait to tell the story 11/3/12.

Lisa Jones, http://www.FishWindowCleaning.com



I must say that the Market Domination Program is the very best program available today. It combines the expertise of two business and marketing titans – Dan Kennedy and Seth Greene – with strategies that are tailored to today’s marketplace and current consumer thought. I have studied and tried many programs, and can say that this is the only program which has exceeded my expectations.The presentation was clear, easy to understand, and offered SPECIFIC strategies that can be implemented right away, rather than other programs which offer only generalities and little in the way of detailed strategies. Also, the techniques described in the Market Domination Program are actually those being used by the founder and many others with proven results.I also believe that the marketing strategies are cutting edge, bold, and effective in today’s marketplace. They are dynamic and relevant to the current environment. I also liked Seth’s focus on programs where the results are “measurable”. He also made marketing fun.

As a result of creating a niche, I now expect to build a strong, marketable brand, as well as a reputation in the industry specific to my niche. The end result is that I will generate more business with the clients that I prefer to service – and they will seek me out instead of the other way around!
Jan Martell, http://www.aptus-marketing.com