Why is Ivan Misner Trying to Break My Arm

ivan misner

For the past 30 years, Dr. Ivan Misner has been building the world’s largest referral network, Business Networking International.
He has written X best-selling books on networking and referrals.

He has been a keynote speaker all over the world.

He is pictured here speaking at Alex Mandossian’s Pathfinder Mastermind which took place at Roy Williams Wizard Academy in Austin Texas.
Pathfinder had 50 of the top people in their industries as its students. People like Bill Harris, Mike Filsaime, Lee Richter, etc.
Ivan shared with us his brand new presentation about how he scaled BNI. From when he started the first chapter to replace lost revenue as a business consultant, all the way to a company generating over $1 billion dollars a year.

Ivan was demonstrating the hidden aspects to business. He is a black belt and was showing hidden moves in martial arts as a visual example to illustrate his point.

He asked me to demonstrate with him.
I am a black belt in Krav Maga (Israeli military’s combat system).
An overt move is something an untrained observer can see (a punch for example), while a covert move is hidden (what Ivan is doing in this picture – attempting to break my arm).

After Pathfinder, Ivan had me on his top rated podcast to discuss how to take referral generation into the 21st century.
An overt referral would be asking your happy customer who else they know who needs your services.
A covert referral would be me interviewing Ivan on my podcast, because when he tweets and posts about it to his social network, some of those BNI members will want to work with us.

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