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Seth Greene is an award winning expert in direct response marketing. Based on the East Coast, Seth's company
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Max Minecraft Magic

So my 7 year old son is hooked on Minecraft. So I started playing to bond with him, and now I am hooked too. They should seriously teach Minecraft in schools. He is learning about architecture, physics, farming, economics, and computer programming – all without realizing it. The things he builds are incredible. The otherContinue Reading

Ring Candles

My wife found a product that has brilliant marketing. It’s called ring candles by diamond candles. It’s a nice scented candle in a glass holder. What about it has my wife obsessed? Somewhere in all that candle wax is hidden a ring. It could be worth $10, or it could be a nice diamond ringContinue Reading

Tori Spelling 2

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott They had a reality show a few years ago, and then it got cancelled. She wrote a book about her life, and the reality show, because the show wasn’t enough. The book helped keep her temporarily relevant and make her money until her husband cheated on her and got caughtContinue Reading

Get in Front of 1 Billion Customers!

That’s right, Apple’s Itunes Store has over 1,000,000,000 customers! Who wouldn’t want to get in front of that many potential customers, for free? So what is a Podcast? Podcasts are entertainment, education and information on demand. You can pick a TV or radio talk show about virtually any subject or personality that interests you. YouContinue Reading

Tori Spelling

For years I have fought with my wife about the reality TV shows she watches. I thought the idea of 20 members of one sex compteting for one member of the opposite sex was a really bad proposition to anyone able to do basic math. I never understood the appeal of watching rich b*tches fightingContinue Reading