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7 Guarunteed Ways To Make New Customers Appear Like Magic

Seth Greene is an award winning expert in direct response marketing. Based on the East Coast, Seth's company
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Marketing Lessons from Breaking Bad Season 3

In the episode I just watched on Netflix – Walt & Jessie have a deal with Mr. Fring for 3 months, for $3,000,000 to cook crystal meth. Jessie figured out that Fring will generate over 96 Million from their deal. This angers Jessie, and leads him to start stealing some of the meth they make… Continue Reading

Jellystone Marketing Lessons

So we recently took the kids to Jellystone Park (home of Yogi Bear). We went with other couples and their kids, and we all had a great time. Inspired by my friends over at Survival Live, Max made his own fishing pole out of a found stick, cord, and hook and proceeded to freak Rebecca… Continue Reading


A few months ago I responded to Sprint’s “Cut your cell phone bill in half” ad campaign, and picked up an Iphone 6. With all the incredible games with amazing graphics, what I’ve spent the last week playing is a little ironic. When I was a kid I used to love the choose you own… Continue Reading

Wellness.com Interview with Karl Krummenacher

Interview with Karl Krummenacher   Seth: Welcome to the Direct Response Marketing Magic Podcast. This is your host Seth Greene and today I have the good fortune of interviewing Karl Krummenacher of Wellness Media Group. Karl, welcome to the show. Karl:               Seth, it’s great to be here today.   Seth:               Thank you so much. Can you… Continue Reading

Seton Hall priest says he was fired for supporting ‘No H8′

“The director of Seton Hall University’s campus ministry lost his job because he expressed his agreement with a gay marriage equality group, Rev. Warren Hall said Friday on Twitter.” More on this story here: Seton Hall Priest Fired for Tweet We live in an age of social media. In the pre-social media age, Rev. Hall… Continue Reading